Remuneration policy

Hypoteket Fondförvaltning AB has adopted a remuneration policy that shall promote a sound and effective risk management and counteract a risk-taking that is incompatible with the risk profile of the funds. The remuneration policy shall be consistent with Hypoteket Fondförvaltnings business strategy, objectives and the managed funds long-term interests, including sustainability risks according to SFDR. 

Hypoteket Fondförvaltnings Remuneration Policy is approved by the Board of Directors. The approval by the Board of Directors is based on an analysis of the risks associated with the company’s remuneration system. The remuneration policy covers all employees of the company. The remuneration policy states the principles for how remuneration within the company is to be determined and how the remuneration policy is to be reviewed. 

In accordance with Hypoteket Fondförvaltning’s remuneration system, remuneration can have both fixed and variable remuneration components. Remuneration to employees is determined taking into account the nature and position of the position held by the employee, what and how the employee performs and market conditions.

Variable remuneration is linked to relevant, predetermined and measurable criteria, set with the purpose of increasing Hypoteket Fondförvaltning's long-term value creation and thus taking into account how the remuneration can affect Hypoteket Fondförvaltning's long term results. Measurable means that it is possible to evaluate afterwards the degree to which the criteria have been met.