About us

Hypoteket challenges the Swedish mortgage market – to the benefit of both borrowers and investors

In 2018, Hypoteket Mortgages and Hypoteket Funds launched as two parts of a company group with the common goal to improve the Swedish mortgage market. Hypoteket Mortgages started originating residential mortgages to Swedish households offering a transparent and fair interest rate, and with a customer experience that was the most digitalised on the market, pioneering the digital signing of residential mortgages in Sweden. At the same time, Hypoteket Funds started offering institutional investors the possibility to invest in Swedish residential mortgages through an alternative investment fund. The structure resulted in attractive risk-adjusted yields to the investors, possible through highly digitised managing and servicing of the funds and the loan portfolio.

Hypoteket Funds (Hypoteket Fondförvaltning Sverige AB) is an Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM), under AIF Act (Sw. “Lag (2013:561) om förvaltare av alternativa investeringsfonder”). With a small hands-on organisation, we can execute new innovative projects, which we welcome investors to discuss with us. We have a senior management and board with decades of experience of both fund management and the mortgage market.

Hypoteket Mortgages as originator and servicer

Hypoteket Mortgages (Hypoteket Bolån Sverige AB) is one of the first Swedish mortgage originators operating under the European Mortgage Directive in Sweden (Sw. "Lag (2016:1024) om verksamhet med bostadskrediter"). Hypoteket Mortgages' digital mortgage lending platform is built in-house and is believed to be the most digitalised mortgage lending platform on the Swedish market. The company was the first lender in Sweden to offer the customer a full digital on-boarding process, including digital signing of loan agreements. Since the launch in March 2018, Hypoteket Mortgages has originated more than 25 billion SEK in prime Swedish mortgages, and has the highest customer satisfaction score of all Swedish mortgage providers. Hypoteket Mortgages also acts as servicer of loan portfolios and provides customer service and cash management for Hypoteket Funds.

Dag Wardaeus

Co-founder & CEO
Mail: dag@hypoteketfonder.seTel: +46733364528

Johan Hasselblad

Head of Inst Sales
Mail : johan@hypoteketfonder.seTel: +46703039017

Erik Åsbrink

Chairman of the board